It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention and that couldn’t be more true for Acculent, Inc., and our core business We saw the need to rethink the outdated process of physician recruiting and utilize current technology to build a new, innovative system smart enough to leapfrog today’s inefficient, status quo method currently used by all physicians, hospitals, clinics and recruiting firms. A system that, until now, has been time intensive, frustrating and involved too much manual work.

The result was the birth of A system that intelligently matches open job opportunities of hospitals, clinics and recruiting firms to ideal candidates that specifically meet the criteria of those opportunities – and do it all for a price consistent with that of typical, inefficient and cumbersome job boards. Now that’s innovation.

Our sole purpose was to remove the problems and pain points associated with physician staffing and provide an entirely new and much better experience for all parties involved – an experience that’s pleasant, efficient and very productive. has eliminated the adversarial relationship that has developed between hiring authorities and physicians as a result of outdated business models.

It’s refreshing to know that what matters to you is what we’re all about and if it weren’t for that there would be no “About Us”.