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Locum Tenens Dentistry Jobs in Corpus Christi, Texas

Client in Corpus Christi is requesting locums to perm Dentist . The position would work primarily 8 to 5, with some on call duties expected. We are in immediate need of these services, wo we are requesting a response by this Friday, September 25, 2015. The position description is provided below: The Dentist is responsible for dental services for individuals living in area and including advanced dental care and treatment to elevate the oral hygiene of all individuals. The Dentist is responsible to implement best practices in treatment. The Dentist is an integral part of Medical Services working to elevate overall health for individuals residing at the clients centers as well. Provide treatment to HHS employees injured in course and scope of employment. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS (EJF): Attends work on a regular and predictable schedule in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned. Provides dental services directly to multi-disabled individuals with challenging behavioral issues and multiple medical system issues, including individuals with unique dental malformations, at State Supported Living Center - 45% Oversees other dentist and dental hygienists with non-routine dental care and cleanings - 25% Evaluates dental care and makes recommendations to improve oral function, oral hygiene and appearance. – 15% Develops and implements desensitization practices and ensures other dental personnel follow the plan of care, to include evaluation of current medications and possible interactions with dental sedation methods. 10% Documents provision of dental services and communicates with individuals, family members, guardians, community members. – 5% (Contacts include discussion of dental needs with individuals, family members and guardians, to explain dental services provided and needed and to address complex situations) Provide treatment to HHS employees injured in course and scope of employment. Other duties as assigned include but are not limited to actively participating and/or serving in a supporting role to meet the agency’s obligations for disaster response and/or recovery or Continuity of Operations (COOP) activation. Such participation may require an alternate shift pattern assignment and/or location. LICENSURE, CERTIFICATION, OR REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Licensure as Dentist in the State of Texas KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: Knowledge of and experience performing dental services including use of dental equipment Knowledge of best practices related to oral hygiene and health care Knowledge of and experience diagnosing dental problems and documenting examinations and courses of treatment Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing Ability to work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities Ability to manage a department and direct the work of others effectively Please send responses to: Heith Hodges at 832-900-4938

I am interested in the Locum Tenens Dentistry Jobs in Corpus Christi, Texas. If the position is still accepting new applicants please respond so I can discuss my qualifications with you.

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