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Permanent Infectious Disease Job in Columbus, Ohio

KSM Clinic (In-patient acute care Hospital, Open 24 x 7) ABC 6 /Fox 28 TV Clip: We start with a ready-made 50-bed “In-patient” acute care hospital, also providing Bone Marrow Transplants (not blood transfusions) Every Week (using umbilical cord blood stem cells, FDA Approved since 1988-89), WSJ: , in addition to Diagnostic Radiology (3-T MRI, 640-CT, 500-US, Digital X-ray, etc.), and Standard Surgery (neuro, cardio, vascular, ortho, etc.), while we build anew from ground-up 250-bed, 8 ORs, 48 BMT rooms, Helipad, etc., and build four (4) more cookie-cutters around Loop I-270 in Columbus, Ohio. For instance, “Radiation-Free” Mammography; Complete Colon Examination; Non-invasive Total Cardiac Evaluation, as per 3-Tesla MRI (slicing faster than the heart-rate). Current Cardiology Reviews. Hayes, et al. 5 (3): 237-242; 2009.

I am interested in the Permanent Infectious Disease Job in Columbus, Ohio. If the position is still accepting new applicants please respond so I can discuss my qualifications with you.

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