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Permanent Podiatry: General Jobs in Atlanta, Georgia

Extremity Healthcare, Inc. (EHI), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, was created on January 1, 2011 by the founding shareholders of Village Podiatry Group. EHI serves as a holding and management services platform supporting multiple medical disciplines in the delivery of comprehensive treatment and diagnostics for anatomical extremities. The organization's primary goal is to provide the most advanced, integrated medical care with the highest level of economic efficiency. In EHI's function as a holding company, it provides long-range strategic planning for the aggregation of multiple medical disciplines while driving organic growth initiatives. As a management services company, EHI provides a full suite of shared service solutions including billing, collections, compliance, tax, legal, human resources, marketing, scheduling, and operational planning. EHI is currently self-funded with all entities operating within the state of Georgia. A multi-state growth strategy is in development.

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