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Permanent Family Practice: Outpatient Only Job in Texas

1. Examines individuals requesting care, diagnoses their medical conditions, prescribes and carries out, or directs others in carrying out, appropriate medical treatment, or refers individuals for specialty consultation or treatment in conformance with approved clinical protocols and guidelines. 2. Manages the care of patients in collaboration with other health care professionals and members of the health care team in order to make decisions about treatment and attain health 3. Records accurately and completely patient-provider visits/contacts as they occur in the patient’s medical record so that the medical record reflects the condition of the patient and the care or treatment provided. In addition, the provider shall complete patient referrals, other records and paperwork as required by the entity. 4. Educates individuals in the nature of health related conditions and in the general promotion of health related disease prevention. 5. Assists in the provision of continuing education, on-the-job training and the orientation of ETCHSI staff as requested. 6. Participates in a rotating on-call schedule for ETCHSI patients as assigned. 7. Reviews laboratory reports, specialty referral reports and other patient related paperwork 8. Manage in-patient hospital care for ETCHSI patients when needed and when appropriate. 9. Maintains and updates skills and knowledge to appropriate professional level with continuing education courses and educational materials. 10. Responsible for personal and professional compliance with all applicable federal, state, local and ETCHSI policy, regulations, protocols and procedures governing the practice of medicine and the clinical provision of medical care as well as those relating to, but not limited to, personnel issues, work place safety, public health and confidentiality. 11. Travels when necessary to fulfill the entity’s needs and attends meetings as necessary to represent ETCHSI. 12. If bilingual, translates in Spanish between non-Spanish speaking staff and Spanish speaking patients as requested. 13. Performs other related and/or necessary tasks to achieve organizational and programmatic goals and objectives, as directed by a supervisor.

I am interested in the Permanent Family Practice: Outpatient Only Job in Texas. If the position is still accepting new applicants please respond so I can discuss my qualifications with you.

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